Each time an activity is completed, a key to the city is earned, a level is attained, or a quest is completed, entries are submitted to the drawing for prizes.  The more that is completed, the more entries are accrued.

Grand Prizes

Grand prize entries are submitted by

  • Completing the Expert Learner Special Quest (3 Entries)
  • Attaining Hero Level (1 Entry)
  • Attaining Crusader Level (2 Entries)

Grand Prizes include:

  • 3D VR Headset
  • Samsung Gear 360 Camera
  • Echo Dot
  • Full-Summit Registration for the 2019 UDL-IRN Summit (2)


Entries for items in the prize pool (not including Grand Prize Items)  are submitted when completing any activity, attaining levels (Apprentice through Defender), and earning ‘Keys to the City’ for each location.  The prize pool contains

  • Autographed copies of popular books regarding UDL
  • Limited edition UDL Rockstar shirts
  • An much more!