How to Play

The game can be played using any device that is internet capable. Players must register to play the game.

To Start the Game

The first objective for Players is to hear their Apprentice Level.  Find the Apprentice Level by viewing Levels>Apprentice in the main menu.  Complete the 4 steps.


To Play the Game:

Once a play has reached Apprentice Level, access will be granted to Location Key Activities.  There are 4 locations:

  • Conversation City – Players visiting this location will find activities that challenge them to communicate with others through both face-to-face and online methods.
  • Community Builder Village – Players visiting this village will find activities designed to help them become part and engage in the UDL Community.
  • Engagement Town – Players visiting this town will find activities that help them engage deeper in the UDL-IRN Summit.
  • Designer Territory  – Are you already entrenched in UDL?  Players visiting this rough and undeveloped territory will find activities that challenge them to be a designer, a mentor, and a support to and for others with regard to UDL.

Each activity has a point value.  Completed activities allow players to accrue points toward earning “Keys to the City” for each location.  Each location has a bronze, silver, and gold key.  Completed activities will also accrue points needed to level up in the game.  Some activities may be done more than once and some will only be allowed for a limited number of times.  Activities have no order for completion.  Any activity may be done at any time.  Players can choose the activities that are best suited for them.  All activities may be found under ‘Keys’ in the main menu.

Following Your Progress

At any time, players may check their status and progress by visiting My Dashboard.  Players may also see their progress in attaining levels by viewing each of the levels under the ‘Levels’ item in the main menu.

Special Quest

There is one special quest in the game.  When players achieve Defender, the special quest for Expert Learner becomes available.  The special quest has a series of activities designed to help players reflect, set goals, make plans, and personalize their learning experience regarding UDL  Completion of the special quest is necessary for achieving the UDL Crusader Level in the game.